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The GlueStream company manufactures equipment for the sandwich panels production


About GlueStream Equipment

High-quality assembly
In the production of equipment used only proven and quality European components and modern developments.

Individual approach
GlueStream equipment manufactured in accordance with the technological characteristics of the customer.

Worlwide Delivery
We can supply the equipment anywhere in the world. Maintenance service is carried out no matter where you are.

SIPs Production Equipment Set

Gluestream company could produce various modifications of equipment for the sandwich panels production. From automatic high performance production lines to manual adhesive applicators.

Turnkey Business

Are you searching for the best way to invest your funds?
Don’t you know what business is better?
Are you looking for reliable business project?
We have unique offer for you!

Gluestream Company offers a proven technology and professional equipment for the SIP housing complete manufacturing cycle.

Successful money investing is the key to the financial independence.
Competitive advantages - SIP technology housing is one of the fastest growing technology our days in the world, tens of millions of square meters of housing are being built in America. Recently, the manufacturing leader in Europe is Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries. Low consumption of expensive energy is one of the major advantages of our technology.
Profitable investment
Housing sphere is very demanded and high profitable
Easy to open
Our experienced specialists will help you to start in a few weeks
Quick funds return
Money spent for equipment will return after the first project
Quality products
The house kits manufactured by the GlueStream equipment are high quality and reliability
Rapid production
Construction of the completely finished SIP house takes just
40 days. It's the fastest option for today
Frame-panel technology allows to build SIP houses regardless of the season

We will help you to start a successful business

Reasons to choose us

SIP building company №1
in Ukraine

European standards of work, tested in own company

Technical support professional


Sandwich Panel Production Equipment

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If you can not find the right equipment for your plant, send us a request! Our specialists will prepare for you a special modification of equipment that will match the requirements


Certificated Equipment
Our manufacturing is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and all equipment, produced by Gluestream s.r.o., conforms with CE safety directives.

GlueStream Product Range

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